Gallery 286, London Exhibition November 2017

Gallery 286, London Exhibition November 2017

Embedded in frames, boxes, paper, books, these are holograms in disguise. Pieces that tempt you to come in for closer inspection, to examine, explore and discover the hologram almost as an element of surprise. I feel my artworks should provoke deep thoughts, but never be intimidating. They could provide an answer, or beg the question. I love to see the expressions of pure joy when people are allowed to let themselves be amazed.

Make Your Own Hologram Workshop

Liza Read and Inaki Berguiristain host this exciting workshop. It combines physics, art and chemistry with a unique opportunity to make your favourite small object into a one-of-a-kind laser produced hologram!

-Learn the art of making real 3D holograms using an actual laser
-Bring a suitable object and make it into a hologram
-Exhibition and talks on different hologram types and processes
-Take your framed hologram home with you

12 February 2017 during the e-Luminate Festival Cambridge.

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