Limbo: The First Circle

Do we continue our connections when the physical being is no longer with us? Are they kept alive, wandering amongst our congested memories, snapping into focus now and again as an enigmatic déjà vu?

Dante’s Inferno describes Limbo as the First Circle of Hell, a place in-between death and somewhere else. In Liza Read's artwork, Limbo is personified as a hologram with a mirror, an interactive piece for the viewer to pick up and change the angle of reflection to create ever changing, multiple 3D images. 

Is what we see the being? Or is it a a reflection in our memory of what had once been? 

Limbo was an artistic response to 'How to Have a Social Life After Death', a talk by Dr John Robb of University of Cambridge Anthropology & Archaeology Departments. Limbo exhibited with the Pint of Science Festival and Creative Reactions.