Lust: The Second Circle

The wheel of fortune, the contraception pill, it’s package temporarily misplaced. Never know which one you’ll miss, forget to take. What happens when we control the spontaneous? In the age of contraception and ‘the day after pill’, are we performing the role of natural selection?

If we control everything, if we set a date and time for conceiving the most wanted child on this Earth, what chance individuals could we be depriving ourselves of?

Poets, priests, pioneers, Christ, Gandhi, Stephen Hawking?

Lust, trysts and frisson bond and affirm our human bonds. Love deeply shared ignites new life. Our joined selves are perpetually producing new combinations of offspring, expanding our DNA, our humanity.  A chance to grow someone who goes on to do something extraordinary.

Throw caution to the wind. There’s always room for one more. We’re all one in a million.