Violence: The Seventh Circle

An artwork in response to the research of Dr Steven Lee, Royal Society University Research Fellow & Fellow of Sidney Sussex College Cambridge.

Dr. Lee’s unique work uses high magnification microscopy and fluorescence to produce three-dimensional images which allow us to see inside living cells . Using traditional research methods such magnification would not be possible; it is beyond the physics of visible light.

Violence is a piece in character with spiky bacterial enemies under the scrutiny of magnification. Alluding the drawings of H. R. Giger, a laser produced hologram is embedded within the flexible tubes and constructs a viewer might associate with traditional microscopy, but referencing Dr Lee’s magnified images made possible by using laser set ups and optical arrays. Under a single light source 3D bacterium are revealed coming out of the darkness, magnified to allow the viewer to see in detail the barbed attackers capable of causing violent physical atrophy from within. 

Exhibited at Creative Reactions, Cambridge May 2016.